Blockchain Technology


We decided to develop an Avalanche subnet, named DOS Chain, due to its usability, accessibility, and security features. DOS Chain enables MetaDOS to provide best-in-class performance with its unique subnet architecture, innovative Snowman consensus, and unparalleled safety guarantees.

DOS also stands out among many blockchains due to its Net Zero carbon footprint, reflecting our commitment to reducing environmental impact.

With DOS’s sub one-second settlement time and zero transaction fees, we can ensure a great user experience across our platform. DOS is designed to ensure outstanding performance while ensuring decentralization with reasonable hardware requirements for validators. LayerZero technology allows players to effortlessly move their digital assets in and out of MetaDOS's platform with an advanced and secure cross-chain transfer technology.


With Thirdweb, we can combine the power of web3 with the user experience of web2 to easily onboard anyone with an email, Facebook, or Google account. It offers 1-click login flows, flexible authentication options, and a secure account recovery.


Stardust provides a straightforward REST API that offers the quickest and easiest way to onboard new players to our game and manage their keys, and help to create custodial wallets with a single API call.

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