🏹Battle Royale

Action Phase

The combat system is fast-paced and intense, with engagements happening at any time and anywhere. Players must be on their toes at all times and strategize how to plan their route to get the best equipment. This strategy element makes the gameplay more fun and exciting. Players have to decide if they want to fight or take time to collect items and get ready.

Classes & Abilities

Customize your hunter with different classes such as offensive, defensive, support, and tech, each with unique abilities and traits. The ability system adds strategy and depth to the battle royale gameplay with a passive ability and an ultimate ability for each Hunter. Mastering each Hunter's abilities is important to succeed.


The game has many different weapons like assault rifles, submachine guns, light machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, pistols and grenades. Each weapon has its own specifications, like varying damage, range, accuracy, and rate of fire. Players can equip two weapons and attach scopes, stocks, barrels, and magazines to improve their performance. Attachments in the game can be used to upgrade weapons. These include optics, hop-ups, magazines, stocks, and barrels. You can find them on the game's map or by looting defeated enemies.

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