💰Token & Currency

Players may unlock Hunters and various cosmetic items through various types of in-game currency. MetaDOS has 4 types of currency:


The main platform currency in the MetaDOS universe serves as both the primary form of payment and the on-chain token. $SECOND Usage:


  • $SECOND holders may participate in DAO and sub-DAO votes / platform governance

  • Voting on a variety of items such as platform design direction

  • Voting on player-created content

Earning $SECOND

  • By placing on the Top leaderboard at the end of each season

  • Good performance in Pro Tournaments and Custom Tournaments

  • Or obtaining them on other exchanges.

Spending $SECOND

  • As the native platform currency, $SECOND may be utilized to purchase exclusive items on the Time Shop

  • Craft the Cosmetics in to NFTs (Mint in-app purchase items into NFTs)

  • Open Exclusive Time Boxes

  • Or host/participate in Custom Tournaments

Meta Coin

Hard currency can only be obtained by purchasing it with real-world currency on platforms like Steam, the App Store, or through Battle Passes.

Get From

  • In-app purchases

  • Battle Pass rewards

Spend On

  • DOS Pack (Loot bot)

  • Unlock the Hunters

  • Purchase Cosmetic Item on In-Game Store

Hunter Token

The soft currency in which can be only earned by playing the game.

They may be used to unlock Legends, or purchase variations of Legendary skins in the In-Game Store, and reroll daily challenges.

Time Dust

Time Dust can be acquired through Meta Packs & Time Packs, replacing duplicate items in case the pack decides to drop an item already owned. The amount of Shards dropped is equal to half the duplicate's original cost, for example Legendary shards are worth 600. They can also be acquired through Battle Pass levels rewards, up to 1,200 per Season.

Shards may be used to purchase cosmetic items such as Hunters and weapon skins, emotes, banner frames, banner trackers, holo-sprays and takedowns.

Time Shard

A special currency called that can be used to unlock the most rare Mythic cosmetic items.

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